Consulting Services 
Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Teamwork,
Successful Business Administration
 MISSION: to share fresh ideas,
innovation, and knowledge with our clients
to improve their performance.

Who we are

Tourism Business Development Consulting (TBD Consulting)

A leadership team for online and face to face consulting services, teaching and training in the travel and tourism industry and in the World of Business . TBD Consulting offers problem-solving skills and innovative solutions that focus on: Business Management Strategies, Sustainable Tourism Destination Management, Sustainable Tourism Product Development, and Sustainable Community-Based Tourism. Tourism Business Development Consulting (TBD Consulting) is a company registered in Tampa, Florida, United States of America.

What we do

We conduct learning and development programs for tourism stakeholders that enhance their knowledge, skills, and performance as travel and tourism industry experts. We offer consulting services, design courses, interactive workshops, training, and teach conference presentations according to our customers’ needs. We focus on listening, understanding, and evaluating our customers' problems in participatory processes with them. This gives us the opportunity to find creative solutions adapted to the needs of each client and design solutions of the right context.

Our team

A leadership team with a well-established track record of business development, training, consulting, teaching, research, publications, and professional practice in the Travel and Tourism Industry. The intellectual aim of our team is to study tourism destinations as an integrated system that includes business development, planning, tourism product development, sustainable development goals, business management strategies, community participation as well as finding the actual and potential tourists’ interests.  The practical aim is to support the tourism stakeholders’ needs in the development of strategies and policy-making planning.


Our leadership team has the pleasure of working with clients and collaborators in participatory processes. We are highly observant and detail oriented and have completed all our projects successfully. Our leadership team has worked on more than 100 individual and collaborative team projects, including: Consulting Services, Teaching, Training, Studies and Research in Tourism, Trade Missions, Business Conferences, International Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, and the Publication of scientific articles. We have worked with all levels of Government, Institutions, Destination Management Organizations, Destination Management Companies, Entrepreneurs, Businesspeople, Leaders, and Companies to achieve their goals with innovative solutions.